Send a Box of Chocolate Poop


Don't tell us you've never thought about sending poop to someone. From sending poop emoji's to sending poop plush, why not send the real stuff? We thought about it, but didn't want to deal with the mess. That's pretty disgusting to be honest. So the next best alternative, chocolate in the shape of poop!

Were you ever obliged to give someone you don't like a present? Has someone ever returned your gift with the gift receipt? Do you know someone who is worthy of passive aggressive things? Or on a more positive note, do you know someone who is "The Shit!"?

These are great life questions and The Poop Factory has answers for you. Why give these people anything less than what they truly deserve. Give them a box of poop and tell them how you really feel.


How it works

Option 1:

  1. Scout out a person you want to send a box of poop to.
  2. Stalk them for their mailing address.
  3. Come back to our website to place the order.
  4. Watch your nemesis mentally break down and laugh sinisterly.

Option 2:

  1. Send the box of chocolate poop to yourself.
  2. Customize the evil biddings and personalize them for those shitty individuals.
  3. Leave shit everywhere or throw shit at them (pun intended), whatever suits your needs.
  4. Watch your nemesis physically break down and laugh sinisterly.

Whichever Option you pick, all will be worth it. They will live on without peace and forever wonder "why them?", "what did they do to deserve this?" How far will you take it?